Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru is a digital platform that allows real estate owners to manage and track their properties online. One of the innovative tools the website provides is the merchant/code feature.

What is merchant/code?

Merchant/code is a unique code assigned to each registered user, which allows them to use deposited funds to pay for various services on the platform. These funds can be used for listing properties, creating ads, and paying for other promotional activities.

How to access merchant/code feature?

To access merchant/code feature, one must first create an account on e-cadastre.ru. After successfully registering and logging in, users can click on the deposit funds button to add money to their account.

Once the funds are deposited, a merchant/code is generated, which can be used to pay for different services on the website.

Benefits of using merchant/code

Using merchant/code on e-cadastre.ru comes with several advantages, including:


In conclusion, merchant/code is a must-use feature for anyone who wants to simplify the process of paying for services on e-cadastre.ru. From ease of payment to added security and discounts, there are many benefits to using this innovative feature. Register on e-cadastre.ru today, deposit funds, and generate your own unique merchant/code to start enjoying these benefits.