Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/_all_dbs is a web application that provides access to various databases related to cadastral registration in Russia. The website contains information about land plots, buildings, and other real estate objects registered in the Unified State Register of Real Estate and cadastral registration.

The website offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to search and access data from various cadastral databases. Users can search for information by the address, cadastral number, or other relevant parameters. The database also allows users to view and print cadastral maps, plans, documents, and other related information.

E-cadastre.ru/_all_dbs is an essential tool for real estate professionals, landowners, investors, and anyone interested in obtaining information about real estate in Russia. With the increasing demand for real estate information, this website provides a convenient and affordable way to access important data related to cadastral registration.

To use the website, users need to create an account and purchase access to the desired database. The website offers several pricing plans that vary according to the number of accesses, the length of access, and the type of database.

In conclusion, E-cadastre.ru/_all_dbs is an excellent resource for anyone seeking real estate information in Russia. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, convenient search tools, and extensive databases, the website provides both professionals and individuals with quick and easy access to important cadastral information.