Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/85:01:020605 is a website that provides information about a specific land plot located in Russia. The website is designed to help individuals and organizations find information about land ownership, land use, and other relevant data.


The purpose of E-cadastre.ru/85:01:020605 is to provide accurate and up-to-date information about this particular land plot to interested parties. This can include businesses looking to purchase land for development, individuals looking to build a home, or government agencies looking to conduct research.


The website contains a variety of information about the land plot, including its location, size, and use. It also includes information about the owner of the land, as well as any restrictions or limitations on its use.

Users can search for information about the land plot using its unique identifier, 85:01:020605. They can also search for other land plots using the website's search function.


One of the main benefits of using E-cadastre.ru/85:01:020605 is that it provides a convenient way to access information about a land plot from anywhere in the world. This can save time and money, as individuals and organizations can get the information they need without having to travel to Russia.

The website also provides a high level of accuracy and reliability, which is important when making decisions about land ownership and use. The information on the website is updated regularly to ensure that it is current and accurate.


Overall, E-cadastre.ru/85:01:020605 is a useful resource for individuals and organizations looking to access information about a particular land plot in Russia. Its user-friendly interface and reliable information make it a valuable tool for making informed decisions about land ownership and use.