Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/76:22 is a website that provides detailed information on cadastre data in Russia. This website was created to provide access to information on property ownership, land use, and land ownership in Russia. The website allows users to search for information on individual properties, view maps of property boundaries, and access documents related to property ownership.

Features of E-cadastre.ru/76:22

The website has several features that make it easy for users to access relevant information. Some of these features include:

Benefits of E-cadastre.ru/76:22

There are several benefits to using E-cadastre.ru/76:22, including:


E-cadastre.ru/76:22 is an incredibly useful resource for anyone interested in property ownership in Russia. The website provides detailed and accurate information on individual properties, land use, and property ownership. If you are considering buying or selling property in Russia, this website should be your first stop to gather information.