Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre is an online platform that provides information about real estate properties. The website allows users to search for properties in a specific area or by their address. One of the properties listed on the website is located at 64:27.


The property at e-cadastre.ru/64:27 is located in the city of Moscow, Russia. It is situated in the southwestern part of the city, in the Leninsky district. The exact address of the property is not available on the website.

Property Details

The property at e-cadastre.ru/64:27 is listed as a residential property. According to the website, the property has an area of 73.2 square meters. It is also noted that the property has a balcony.


E-cadastre provides information about the ownership of the property. The website notes that the property is owned by a private individual. The name of the owner is not listed on the website.

Property Value

E-cadastre does not provide information about the value of the property. However, users can use the website to compare property prices in the area, which can give them an idea of the property's value.


E-cadastre.ru/64:27 provides basic information about a residential property located in Moscow, Russia. The platform can be useful for individuals looking to buy or rent property in the area. However, users should note that the website only provides limited information and they should conduct further research before making any decisions about purchasing or renting the property.