Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre is an online land registry platform that provides public access to maps, plans, and cadastral data for land plots in Russia. One of these land plots is identified by the registry number "62:19", and it's worth exploring in more detail.


The land plot 62:19 is located in the Moscow region, in the city of Sergiev Posad. More specifically, it is situated in the Zaokskoe rural settlement, not far from the town of Voskresenskoye. The area around the plot is mostly characterized by forests and fields, with a few small settlements nearby.

Size and Shape

According to the data available on e-cadastre, the land plot 62:19 has a total area of 0.687 hectares. It has an irregular shape, typical of many land plots in rural areas. The plot's borders are marked by landmarks such as trees, fences, and nearby bodies of water.

Legal Information

The cadastral data available on e-cadastre contains important legal information regarding the plot. For instance, it shows that the land is privately owned by an individual, and that it's classified as a residential land plot. It also contains information about previous owners, restrictions on the land's use, and its cadastral value.

Potential Uses

With its size and location, the land plot 62:19 has potential for various uses. Its classification as a residential plot means it could be used for building a private home or a vacation cottage. It's also possible that the plot could be used for gardening or farming purposes.


The land plot 62:19 in Sergiev Posad, Moscow region, is a fascinating example of the information that can be found on e-cadastre.ru. The platform provides an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about land use and ownership in Russia. By exploring the data available on e-cadastre, anyone can gain insight into the potential for land plots like 62:19, and how they can be used to benefit individuals and the wider community.