Электронный Кадастр


e-cadastre.ru is a website that provides access to information about cadastral objects in Russia. One of the objects available on the website is identified by the code "59:16:0010123". In this article, we will explore what this code represents and the information that can be obtained from it.

What is "59:16:0010123"?

The code "59:16:0010123" refers to a specific cadastral object in Russia. Let's break down the code to understand its meaning:

Information Available

By accessing the page with the code "59:16:0010123" on e-cadastre.ru, users can find various information about the cadastral object. Some of the details that can be obtained include:

  1. Address: The website provides the exact address of the object, allowing users to easily locate it on a map.
  2. Area: The total area of the object is displayed, usually in square meters. This information can be useful for various purposes, such as land development or real estate transactions.
  3. Purpose: The cadastral information includes the designated purpose of the object, specifying whether it is residential, commercial, agricultural, or of another nature.
  4. Ownership: Users can find out who the current owner of the object is. This information can be crucial for individuals or businesses interested in purchasing or leasing the property.
  5. Encumbrances: If there are any encumbrances on the object, such as mortgages or easements, they will be mentioned in the cadastral information. This helps potential buyers or lessees understand any existing claims on the property.

How to Access the Information

To access the information related to the code "59:16:0010123" on e-cadastre.ru, follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser and go to e-cadastre.ru.
  2. Use the search functionality on the website to enter the code "59:16:0010123".
  3. Press Enter or click on the search button.
  4. The website will display a page with the specific information related to the object corresponding to the code.

Please note that accessing detailed cadastral information may be subject to certain restrictions or require registration on the website. Make sure to comply with the website's terms and conditions and any applicable laws when using the information obtained.

In conclusion, the code "59:16:0010123" on e-cadastre.ru represents a specific cadastral object in the Leningrad region of Russia. By accessing the information related to this code on the website, users can find important details about the object, including its address, area, purpose, ownership, and encumbrances.