Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/56:03:0101026 is a website that provides information about a specific land plot in Russia. This website is part of the state cadastre system, which is a public register of land and property ownership.

The land plot with the number 56:03:0101026 is located in the city of Moscow and has an area of ​​3273 square meters. The website provides detailed information about the plot, including its cadastral value, cadastral number, and owner.

E-cadastre.ru/56:03:0101026 is a useful tool for anyone interested in buying or selling land in Russia. By using this website, potential buyers can find out information about a specific plot of land and its owner before making a purchase. Likewise, sellers can use this website to determine the market value of their land.

In addition to providing information about specific land plots, e-cadastre.ru also offers a range of other services related to land and property ownership. These include registering property rights, transferring property ownership, and obtaining cadastral passports.

Overall, e-cadastre.ru/56:03:0101026 is a valuable resource for anyone interested in land ownership and property rights in Russia. By providing easy access to publicly available information, it helps promote transparency and accountability in the country's real estate market.