Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/55:31:111101 is a unique identification number assigned to a specific piece of land in Russia. This number is used by the Russian government to maintain a digital cadastre, which is a public register of real estate properties.

The e-cadastre system allows for easy and efficient management of real estate properties in Russia. It provides information on land ownership, boundaries, property size, usage rights, and other important details. Moreover, it enables individuals and businesses to access property data from anywhere, at any time.

E-cadastre.ru/55:31:111101 is a special identification number for a particular piece of land located in the Khamovniki district of Moscow. The number is composed of three parts: the first part (55) represents the region code, the second part (31) represents the district code, and the third part (111101) represents the cadastral number of the land.

The cadastral number of a land parcel is a unique identifier assigned by the state to a particular piece of land. It is used to keep track of the location, size, and legal status of the land. The cadastral number can be used to access detailed information about the land, including ownership, boundaries, permitted usage, and any liens or encumbrances.

E-cadastre.ru/55:31:111101 is an important identification number for anyone interested in acquiring, selling, or developing land in the Khamovniki district. It provides essential data needed to evaluate the value and potential of a real estate property, make informed decisions about its use, and ensure compliance with local regulations.

In summary, e-cadastre.ru/55:31:111101 is an essential component of the digital cadastre system in Russia. It provides a unique identifier for a specific piece of land and enables individuals and businesses to access important property details from anywhere at any time. This system is a valuable resource for anyone involved in real estate transactions in Moscow and throughout Russia.