Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre is an online platform that provides access to the Russian real estate cadastre. The platform allows users to search for information about a particular property, including its cadastral number, address, owner, and other details.

One example of a property that can be found on e-cadastre is 53:04:0086901. This property is located in the city of St. Petersburg and is registered to an individual owner.

Location and Characteristics

According to the e-cadastre, the property with cadastral number 53:04:0086901 is situated in the Vasileostrovsky district of St. Petersburg. It is a residential building consisting of four floors, with a total area of 340.1 square meters. The building was constructed in 1917 and is made of brick and reinforced concrete.

The property is also equipped with central heating, hot and cold water supply, and a sewage system. Additionally, there is a garage located on the property, providing parking space for the owner.

Legal Information

In terms of legal ownership, e-cadastre indicates that the property is registered to an individual owner. However, the platform does not disclose the owner's name or any other personal information.

The property is subject to a number of legal restrictions, which include zoning laws and building codes. Any modifications or alterations to the building must comply with these regulations.


E-cadastre is a useful tool for anyone seeking information about real estate in Russia. Properties like 53:04:0086901 provide important details about a property's location, characteristics, and ownership. By using this online platform, users can easily access this information and make informed decisions about buying or selling real estate in St. Petersburg and other parts of Russia.