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e-cadastre.ru/42:24:0000101 is a website or web page dedicated to the cadastre information related to a specific property. The website provides essential data and information about the property identified by the registration number 42:24:0000101. This specific property has its unique identifier that helps people identify and access the information related to it.

What is a Cadastre?

A cadastre is a public register or database that provides comprehensive and detailed information about land ownership, property boundaries, and other relevant information. It serves as an essential tool for land management, urban planning, property valuation, and taxation purposes. The cadastre system ensures transparency, accuracy, and accountability in managing land and property-related matters.

Purpose and Importance of e-cadastre.ru/42:24:0000101

The website e-cadastre.ru/42:24:0000101 is specifically designed to provide information about the property identified by the registration number 42:24:0000101. It aims to enable users, including property owners, potential buyers, and interested parties, to access essential data related to this particular property.

The information available on this website generally includes:

  1. Property Ownership Information: The website provides details about the current owner of the property, including their name, contact information, and any registered rights or restrictions on the property.

  2. Property Boundaries: The cadastre information determines the precise boundaries of the property, allowing interested parties to understand the exact extent of the land owned.

  3. Land Use and Zoning: The website may also provide information about the permitted land use and zoning restrictions imposed on the property. This helps potential buyers or property developers to determine the allowable activities and potential limitations.

  4. Property Valuation: The cadastre information may include an estimated value of the property based on various factors such as location, size, and market conditions. This can assist property owners, buyers, and professionals in assessing the market worth of the property.

  5. Legal and Administrative Documents: The website may offer access to legal and administrative documents related to the property, such as previous sales contracts, mortgage records, and any existing legal disputes or encumbrances.

How to Use e-cadastre.ru/42:24:0000101

To access the information related to the property registered under the identification number 42:24:0000101, follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the website e-cadastre.ru.
  2. On the homepage or search bar, enter the property registration number 42:24:0000101.
  3. Click or press enter to initiate the search and retrieve the information associated with the specific property.
  4. The website will display the available information, which can be viewed, printed, or saved for future reference.


e-cadastre.ru/42:24:0000101 is an online platform providing access to cadastre information of a specific property. It allows users to obtain information about property ownership, boundaries, land use and zoning, as well as other legal and administrative documents related to the property.

This website proves to be a valuable resource for property owners, buyers, and professionals involved in land management and real estate transactions. It ensures transparency and facilitates informed decision-making by providing comprehensive and reliable information about the property registered under the identification number 42:24:0000101.

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