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E-cadastre.ru/38:09:010701 is a website that provides detailed information about a specific cadastral number in Russia. The cadastral number 38:09:010701 identifies a particular plot of land located in a specific region.

What is a Cadastral Number?

A cadastral number is a unique identification code given to each land plot in Russia. It contains information about the region, district, and individual plot number, allowing easy access to detailed information regarding that particular land.

Services Offered by E-cadastre.ru/38:09:010701

E-cadastre.ru/38:09:010701 offers a variety of services to users who want to obtain detailed information about the land associated with the cadastral number. These services include:

  1. Land Information: Users can find extensive details about the land plot, such as its location, size, boundaries, ownership history, and any registered restrictions or encumbrances.

  2. Maps and Aerial Imagery: The website provides access to detailed maps and aerial imagery where users can visualize the land plot and its surroundings.

  3. Legal Documentation: Users can view and download legal documents associated with the land plot, including ownership certificates, cadastral passports, and other relevant paperwork.

  4. Interaction with Authorities: E-cadastre.ru/38:09:010701 facilitates communication between users and the relevant government authorities responsible for cadastral affairs. Users can submit inquiries, request changes or updates, and get assistance in various land-related matters.

  5. Cadastral Value Estimation: The website also provides an estimation of the cadastral value of the land plot, which serves as the basis for property taxation and financial transactions.

Benefits of Using E-cadastre.ru/38:09:010701

Using E-cadastre.ru/38:09:010701 offers several advantages for individuals and businesses involved in land-related activities:

How to Access E-cadastre.ru/38:09:010701

To access the information associated with the cadastral number 38:09:010701, users can visit the website e-cadastre.ru and enter the specific number in the search field. The website is user-friendly and provides easy navigation to various services and functionalities.

In conclusion, E-cadastre.ru/38:09:010701 is a valuable resource for obtaining detailed information about land plots in Russia. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive services, and accurate data make it an essential tool for anyone involved in land-related activities. With just a few clicks, users can access legal documents, maps, and other relevant information, saving time, effort, and money.