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E-Cadastre.ru is an online platform that provides detailed information about cadastral units in Russia. Specifically, it allows users to access information related to cadastral numbers and their corresponding land plots. In this article, we will focus on the cadastral unit with the number 32:11:0010102.

Overview of Cadastral Unit 32:11:0010102

Cadastral unit 32:11:0010102 is located in Russia and is a part of a larger administrative division. It consists of a land plot that has been registered and assigned the given cadastral number. The cadastral unit serves as a unique identifier for the land parcel in the national cadastre system.

Accessing Information through E-Cadastre.ru

By visiting the website e-cadastre.ru and entering the cadastral number 32:11:0010102, users can access detailed information about the land plot. This includes data on the land parcel's location, boundaries, area, permitted land use, and any encumbrances or restrictions that may be associated with it.

Benefits of E-Cadastre.ru

E-Cadastre.ru provides several benefits to users interested in cadastral information, such as:

  1. Convenience: Users can access information about cadastral units from the comfort of their homes or offices, without the need to visit government offices or local cadastral authorities.
  2. Accuracy: The information provided through E-Cadastre.ru is sourced directly from the national cadastral database, ensuring its accuracy and reliability.
  3. Comprehensive Data: Users can obtain a wide range of information about cadastral units, including geospatial data, administrative boundaries, and land use restrictions.
  4. Time and Cost Savings: By enabling online access to cadastral information, E-Cadastre.ru saves users both time and money, as they no longer need to rely on traditional manual methods of obtaining data.

Regulations and Legal Implications

Cadastral units, including 32:11:0010102, are regulated by specific laws and regulations in Russia. These laws outline the procedures for land registration, land use, and property rights. It is crucial for users of E-Cadastre.ru to be aware of these regulations and understand their implications when dealing with cadastral information.


Cadastral unit 32:11:0010102 plays a significant role in the national cadastre system of Russia. With the help of platforms like E-Cadastre.ru, accessing information about specific cadastral units has become more accessible and convenient. By utilizing such online resources, users can obtain reliable and comprehensive data about land parcels, facilitating informed decision-making processes related to land use and property rights.

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