Электронный Кадастр


E-Cadastre.ru is an online platform that provides detailed information about cadastral objects in Russia. One of these objects is identified as 32:07:0010501. In this article, we will explore the significance of this particular cadastral object and its importance in the Russian legal system.

What is Cadastral Object 32:07:0010501?

Cadastral object 32:07:0010501 refers to a specific land plot located within a certain cadastral boundary. This number is unique and helps identify the land's legal and physical characteristics. The cadastral number follows a specific format, with each part providing different information about the land plot.

The first part of the cadastral number, 32, represents the region where the land plot is located. In this case, the land plot is situated in region 32, which is a specific administrative division in Russia.

The second part, 07, represents the district or municipality within the region. This number helps narrow down the specific area within the region.

The last part, 0010501, is a unique identifier for the land plot within the district. It helps differentiate this specific plot from others in the same district.

Importance of Cadastral Object Identification

The cadastral object identification system plays a crucial role in Russia's legal and administrative systems. It helps maintain accurate and up-to-date records of land ownership, boundaries, and usage. Additionally, it ensures transparency and enables the effective management of land and property rights.

By utilizing the cadastral number, individuals and organizations can access detailed information about a specific land plot. This information includes the size of the plot, its boundaries, its permitted usage, any encumbrances or restrictions on the plot, and its registered owner.

Accessing Detailed Information Online

E-Cadastre.ru provides a user-friendly platform for accessing detailed information about cadastral objects, including 32:07:0010501. By visiting their website, users can enter the cadastral number or search by address to retrieve information about the land plot.

The platform offers valuable data that can assist in various activities, such as property transactions, land development projects, and legal inquiries. Users can access information on land rights, cadastral maps, legal documents, and other relevant details.


Cadastral object 32:07:0010501 holds significant importance within Russia's cadastral system. Its unique identifier helps accurately identify and differentiate the land plot in question. The online platform E-Cadastre.ru provides users with convenient access to detailed information about this cadastral object and others alike. This information is essential for various purposes, including real estate transactions, land development, and legal proceedings.