Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/23:22:0202001 is an online platform that provides access to cadastral information on real estate in Russia. This service allows individuals and legal entities to obtain information about real estate objects, including their address, location, type, and other details.

How to use e-cadastre.ru/23:22:0202001

To obtain information on a property, users need to enter its address or cadastral number into the search bar on the home page of the website. The system then provides access to the Unified State Register of Real Estate, enabling users to identify a particular property and view its details.

Users can view the full legal and cadastral information on the property by purchasing a report on the platform. The report includes a detailed description of the property, its legal status, previous transactions, and other relevant information.

Benefits of e-cadastre.ru/23:22:0202001

E-cadastre.ru/23:22:0202001 provides numerous benefits to users, including:

Overall, e-cadastre.ru/23:22:0202001 is an effective tool for anyone seeking reliable information on real estate properties in Russia. Whether you are an individual or legal entity, this platform can help you make informed decisions regarding your property investments.