Электронный Кадастр

E-Cadastre: Leading the Way in Modern Property Management

E-Cadastre is an innovative online platform designed to streamline the management of residential and commercial property. The platform provides a wide range of services for property owners, managers, and tenants, including property listings, rent collections, maintenance requests, and accounting.

One of the features that sets E-Cadastre apart from other property management platforms is its ability to simplify the property registration process. The platform's unique system generates unique identifiers for each property, making it easier to access and manage property information than ever before.


One of the most notable features of E-Cadastre is its use of alphanumeric codes to identify properties. Each property listed on the platform is assigned a unique identifier consisting of a combination of letters and numbers. Let's explore the example: e-cadastre.ru/23:21:0111000.

This code is divided into three segments, each separated by a colon. The first segment, "e-cadastre.ru," indicates the website address of the platform. The second segment, "23:21," denotes the geographical coordinates of the property. The third segment, "0111000," represents the property number.

Together, these segments create a unique identifier that allows users to quickly and easily access information about a property. This system streamlines the property management process, making it more efficient and effective for everyone involved.

Benefits of Using E-Cadastre

In addition to its unique property identification system, E-Cadastre offers a variety of benefits for property owners, managers, and tenants. These benefits include:

Closing Thoughts

E-Cadastre is an innovative platform that has revolutionized the property management industry. Its unique alphanumeric property identification system and variety of tools and features make it an invaluable resource for anyone involved in property management. By utilizing E-Cadastre, property owners, managers, and tenants can streamline their workflows, increase their visibility, and simplify their accounting processes.