Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru is a website that provides a comprehensive digital cadastre system for real estate properties in Russia. It is aimed at simplifying and streamlining the process of land registration, property valuation, and property rights management.


The specific URL - e-cadastre.ru/23:20:0000000:499 - represents a unique identifier for a particular property within the cadastre system. This article will discuss the significance and implications of this identifier.

Understanding the Cadastre System

The cadastre system is an essential tool for managing land and property resources. It serves as a comprehensive repository of information related to real estate properties, including their geographical location, boundaries, ownership, and legal status.

In Russia, the cadastre system collects and organizes data from various sources, such as cadastral surveys, land valuation reports, and property registration documents. This information helps government authorities, property owners, and developers make informed decisions regarding land use, planning, development, and transactions.

Significance of the Identifier

The identifier e-cadastre.ru/23:20:0000000:499 contains information that uniquely identifies a specific property within the cadastre system. Let's break it down:

Accessing Property Information

By visiting the URL e-cadastre.ru/23:20:0000000:499, users can access detailed information about the property associated with the identifier. This may include:


The identifier e-cadastre.ru/23:20:0000000:499 is a unique code that allows users to access detailed information about a specific property within the cadastre system in Russia. The e-cadastre website provides a comprehensive platform for managing and accessing crucial data related to land and real estate properties. It streamlines processes, promotes transparency, and facilitates efficient decision-making for property owners, government authorities, and developers.