Электронный Кадастр


e-cadastre.ru/16:41 is a website that provides users with access to digital cadastral information. Cadastral information is official data that describes the ownership, registration, and use of land plots and real estate. The website is managed by the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr) of the Russian Federation.

What can be found on e-cadastre.ru/16:41?

Users can access various kinds of cadastral information through the website. This includes information on land plots, buildings, constructions, and other types of real estate. Users can also search for information about the owners of these plots and properties. Additionally, users can access information about the legal status of these plots and properties, such as their registered usage and intended purposes.

How to use e-cadastre.ru/16:41?

To access cadastral information through the website, users need to register an account with Rosreestr. Once registered, users can search for specific plots or properties by typing their address or cadastral number into the search bar. Results will then be displayed in the form of detailed reports that include all the available data on the chosen object.

Advantages of using e-cadastre.ru/16:41

e-cadastre.ru/16:41 offers several advantages to users. Firstly, by providing digital access to cadastral information, the website makes it easier for users to undertake research and planning with regards to land and property. Secondly, the website ensures the transparency and accuracy of information by storing official data from Rosreestr. Finally, the website is free to use, making it accessible for anyone who needs to access cadastral information.

In conclusion, e-cadastre.ru/16:41 is a valuable resource for anyone requiring access to cadastral information in Russia. The website offers a convenient and reliable way for users to access official data on land plots and real estate, providing a wide range of information that can be useful for research, planning, and decision-making purposes.