Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/14:32:080202 is a website that provides access to the State Cadastre of Real Estate database in Russia. This online portal allows citizens and legal entities to access information about real estate properties registered with the government, including land plots, buildings, and structures.

Features of E-cadastre.ru/14:32:080202

One of the main features of E-cadastre.ru/14:32:080202 is the ability to search for real estate by address or cadastral number. Once the property is located, users can view its details, including area, ownership information, and cadastral value.

The website also provides access to topographic maps, which can be useful for surveying and planning purposes. Users can view the map in various formats, such as aerial, satellite, or hybrid.

Legal entities can use E-cadastre.ru/14:32:080202 to register new properties and make changes to existing ones. The website also allows for the submission of various applications, such as land surveying and land use planning.

Benefits of E-cadastre.ru/14:32:080202

E-cadastre.ru/14:32:080202 helps to increase transparency and efficiency in the real estate sector. Citizens and businesses can access information about properties they are interested in, which can be useful for making informed decisions about ownership or investment.

The website also streamlines the process of registering and managing real estate properties. Legal entities can use the portal to submit applications quickly, reducing bureaucracy and improving the overall experience.


E-cadastre.ru/14:32:080202 is a valuable resource for anyone looking for information about real estate in Russia. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive database, the website makes it easy for citizens and legal entities to access the information they need. By increasing transparency and efficiency in the real estate sector, E-cadastre.ru/14:32:080202 contributes to the overall development of the Russian economy.