Электронный Кадастр

E-Cadastre: 14:26:002002

E-Cadastre is a system that provides online access to land and property records. One of the unique identifiers used in the system is 14:26:002002.

What is a cadastre?

A cadastre is a public register of land ownership and property boundaries. It is an important tool for managing and regulating land use. For example, cadastres are used to collect property taxes, regulate land development, and resolve property disputes.

What is e-cadastre?

E-Cadastre is an electronic version of a cadastre. It allows people to access land and property data online, rather than going to a physical office. E-Cadastre stores digital copies of land and property records, including maps, ownership details, and legal descriptions.

Understanding 14:26:002002

In e-cadastre, each parcel of land is identified by a unique number. This number is used to link together all the information about a particular property.

The number 14:26:002002 is an example of a unique identification number. It is composed of three parts:

Using this format, e-cadastre can uniquely identify and store information on each and every piece of land within a municipality or district, making it easier to manage land use and ownership.

Benefits of e-cadastre

E-Cadastre offers a number of benefits over traditional paper-based cadastres. These include:


E-Cadastre allows people to access land and property information from anywhere with an internet connection. This saves time and resources for both individuals and government agencies.


Digital records in e-cadastre are less prone to errors than paper records. This reduces the likelihood of disputes over land ownership or boundaries.


E-cadastre offers a transparent and impartial record of who owns what land. This reduces the potential for corruption or fraud.


E-cadastre is an important tool for managing land and property ownership. The unique identification number 14:26:002002 is just one example of how e-cadastre organizes and stores land data. With its benefits of accessibility, accuracy, and transparency, e-cadastre is helping to improve land management and ownership around the world.