Электронный Кадастр


e-cadastre.ru/14:25:060001:139 is a unique identification code for a specific property on the e-cadastre website. The e-cadastre is an online platform that provides detailed information about properties, land plots, and real estate in Russia.


The e-cadastre is an essential tool for anyone involved in real estate transactions, construction projects, or land management. By using the identification code e-cadastre.ru/14:25:060001:139, individuals can access detailed information about a particular property, such as its boundaries, area, ownership, legal restrictions, and cadastral value.

Features and Benefits

Using the e-cadastre website with the provided identification code offers several key features and benefits:

  1. Property Details: Individuals can view the precise location of the property on an interactive map, along with its boundaries and neighboring parcels. The e-cadastre provides information about the area, including the total size and dimensions of the property.

  2. Ownership Information: Users can find information about the current owner of the property, including their name and contact details. This information is particularly useful when buying or selling property, as it allows potential buyers to verify ownership and contact the owner for negotiations.

  3. Encumbrances and Restrictions: The e-cadastre provides details on any encumbrances or restrictions that may affect the property. This can include easements, mortgage charges, construction limitations, or other legal restrictions. Understanding these constraints is vital for developers, investors, and individuals interested in the property.

  4. Cadastral Value: The e-cadastre offers an estimation of the cadastral value of the property. This value is used for taxation purposes and can provide valuable insights into the market worth of the property.

  5. Documentation Access: The website allows users to access and download various documents related to the property, such as cadastral maps, technical documents, and historical records. These documents can be crucial for conducting due diligence and understanding the property's history.


The e-cadastre website, with its identification code e-cadastre.ru/14:25:060001:139, provides a comprehensive and reliable source of information for properties in Russia. Whether you are buying, selling, or managing real estate, accessing the e-cadastre can help you make informed decisions by providing valuable details about the property, ownership, legal restrictions, and cadastral value.

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