Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/14:21:060003:305 is a unique identification code used in cadastre systems in Russia. This code is a combination of numbers and letters, which makes it specific to a particular piece of land. It helps to locate a specific land plot easily, and it is used by government authorities, land surveyors, and other professionals.

What is Cadastre?

Cadastre is a system of land registration that identifies all the land plots in a particular area. It helps to organize land ownership and use, and it is used by governments to manage and tax the land. The cadastre system is essential for land development, infrastructure planning, and other land-related activities.

How to Use the E-cadastre.ru/14:21:060003:305 Code?

The E-cadastre.ru/14:21:060003:305 code is used to identify a particular piece of land in Russia. You can use it to locate a specific land plot, check its ownership status, and get other related information. To use the cadastre system, you can visit the e-cadastre.ru website, enter the code in the search bar, and click search.

Benefits of Cadastre System

The cadastre system provides many benefits to landowners and the government. Some of them include:

  1. Land Planning - The cadastre system helps in land planning and development. It helps to identify land plots that can be used for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, and it helps in deciding the optimal location for infrastructure projects.

  2. Land Management - The cadastre system helps in managing land ownership and use. It provides an accurate record of land ownership, and it helps in resolving land disputes and conflicts.

  3. Land Taxation - The cadastre system helps in land taxation. It provides information on land value, which is used to calculate land taxes.

  4. Transparency - The cadastre system provides transparency in land ownership and use. It helps to prevent fraud and corruption, and it provides a reliable system for land transactions.


The E-cadastre.ru/14:21:060003:305 code is an essential part of the cadastre system in Russia. It provides a unique identification for a particular piece of land, which helps in land planning, management, and taxation. The cadastre system is an essential tool for land-related activities and provides many benefits to landowners and the government.