Электронный Кадастр


e-cadastre.ru/14:21:060003:250 is a unique identifier for a specific land parcel in the electronic cadastre system. The electronic cadastre system is a digital database that stores information about land ownership, boundaries, and other relevant data.

What is e-cadastre.ru/14:21:060003:250?

Each land parcel in the electronic cadastre system is assigned a unique identifier, such as e-cadastre.ru/14:21:060003:250. This identifier helps to quickly locate and access detailed information about the particular land parcel.

The format of the identifier consists of different parts that provide specific details:

Importance of e-cadastre.ru/14:21:060003:250

The electronic cadastre system plays a crucial role in land administration and management. Land parcels are registered and tracked in the cadastre, enabling accurate documentation of ownership, boundaries, rights, restrictions, and other land-related information.

e-cadastre.ru/14:21:060003:250 provides an efficient way to access detailed information about a specific land parcel. This information is valuable in various scenarios, including land transactions, urban planning, infrastructure development, and dispute resolution.

By using the unique identifier, stakeholders involved in land-related activities, such as individuals, government agencies, surveyors, and legal professionals, can easily locate the land parcel in question. They can retrieve relevant information regarding its boundaries, size, ownership history, encumbrances, and any legal restrictions associated with it.

Accessing Information

To access information about a land parcel with the identifier e-cadastre.ru/14:21:060003:250, one can visit the e-cadastre.ru website and enter the identifier in the search or query section. The system will then retrieve and display the relevant data associated with that particular land parcel.

The information provided may include:

Users can also generate official reports and certificates from the electronic cadastre system for legal or administrative purposes.

Advantages of Electronic Cadastre

The introduction of electronic cadastre systems, such as e-cadastre.ru, has revolutionized land administration and management. Some key advantages of electronic cadastre systems are:

  1. Efficiency: The electronic format allows for fast and easy access to land information, eliminating the need for manual searches through physical records.

  2. Accuracy: The use of digital data entry and storage minimizes errors and inconsistencies in land records.

  3. Transparency: Information stored in electronic cadastre systems is readily available to the public, ensuring transparency in land management.

  4. Integration: Electronic cadastre systems can be integrated with other databases and systems, streamlining processes and facilitating data sharing between relevant stakeholders.

  5. Decision making: Access to comprehensive land information through electronic cadastre systems supports informed decision making in various sectors, including urban planning, real estate, agriculture, and natural resource management.


The unique identifier e-cadastre.ru/14:21:060003:250 plays a significant role in the electronic cadastre system, enabling easy access to detailed information about a specific land parcel. Electronic cadastre systems have brought numerous benefits to land administration, ensuring efficient, accurate, and transparent management of land-related data.

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