Электронный Кадастр


By assistant. Published on July 17, 2022.


E-cadastre.ru/14:21:040003:184 is a specific land parcel identifier used in the electronic cadastre system of Russia. The digital cadastral map is an essential tool for land management, property ownership, and property valuation. This article will provide an overview of the e-cadastre.ru/14:21:040003:184 parcel and its significance to the real estate sector.


The e-cadastre.ru/14:21:040003:184 parcel is situated in an important district in Russia. It can be located by entering its identification code into the search bar of the e-cadastre.ru website. The interactive map will then display the specific location of the parcel.

Parcel Details

The e-cadastre.ru/14:21:040003:184 parcel is a unique piece of land with specific attributes. These details are crucial for defining property boundaries, determining land use, and assessing property value. The following are some of the key elements associated with this parcel:


Understanding the e-cadastre.ru/14:21:040003:184 parcel and its characteristics is crucial for various stakeholders, including property buyers, land developers, government agencies, and real estate professionals. Here are some reasons why this parcel is significant:

  1. Property Transactions: Potential buyers can verify the ownership and boundaries of the parcel using the e-cadastre.ru/14:21:040003:184 identifier. This ensures transparency and security in property transactions.
  2. Land Development: For land developers, knowing the cadastral information of this parcel is vital to assess its suitability for construction projects, including infrastructure development, housing complexes, or commercial buildings.
  3. Property Valuation: The cadastral value serves as an important factor in determining property taxes and estimating market value for this parcel.
  4. Urban Planning: Government authorities rely on cadastral data for urban planning, zoning regulations, and environmental protection. The e-cadastre.ru/14:21:040003:184 parcel information assists in formulating effective land-use policies.
  5. Legal Disputes: In case of any legal disputes or conflicts related to the parcel, e-cadastre.ru/14:21:040003:184 helps in providing accurate data as evidence for resolution.


The e-cadastre.ru/14:21:040003:184 parcel holds significant importance in the field of land management and property ownership. By understanding its characteristics, stakeholders can make informed decisions regarding property transactions, land development, and urban planning. The e-cadastre.ru system provides a reliable and transparent platform to access crucial cadastral information, facilitating efficient real estate operations in Russia.