Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/14:21:010003:106 is a unique identifier that is used for the electronic cadastre system in Russia. This system was implemented to create a more organized and efficient way of managing land and property registrations in the country.

What is e-cadastre?

E-cadastre is an electronic land registration system that was introduced in Russia in 2014. This system is designed to keep track of all land and property registrations in the country and provide an easy way for citizens to access information about their own properties.

What does 14:21:010003:106 mean?

The number 14:21:010003:106 is the cadastral number for a specific piece of land or property in Russia. The cadastral number is a unique identifier that is used to register and manage land and property ownership in the country. The cadastral number consists of several parts that indicate the specific location of the property, its area, and other important information.

Here is what each part of the cadastral number represents:

How to use e-cadastre.ru/14:21:010003:106

To access information about a specific property using the e-cadastre system, you will need to enter the cadastral number for the property. Once you have entered the number, you will be able to view information about the property, including its location, area, owner, and other important details.

Overall, e-cadastre.ru/14:21:010003:106 is a crucial tool for managing land and property registrations in Russia. By using this system, the country is able to maintain accurate records of land ownership and make the process of buying and selling land much simpler and more transparent for everyone involved.