Электронный Кадастр


e-cadastre.ru/13:02:0101003:91 is a unique identifier for a specific property in the cadastre system.

What is a Cadastre?

A cadastre is a comprehensive land registration and information system used to manage and monitor land ownership, boundaries, and other property-related details. It includes both the physical and legal aspects of properties within a particular jurisdiction.

Understanding the Identifier

In the cadastre system, properties are assigned specific identifiers to ensure accurate tracking and management. The identifier e-cadastre.ru/13:02:0101003:91 can be broken down as follows:

By using such identifiers, it becomes much easier for authorities and property owners to access accurate and up-to-date information regarding a specific property.

Benefits of e-cadastre.ru/13:02:0101003:91

The use of e-cadastre systems like e-cadastre.ru and specific identifiers like 13:02:0101003:91 bring several advantages to property owners, buyers, and authorities:

  1. Access to Information: With the help of the identifier, individuals can easily access detailed information regarding a specific property, including ownership details, boundaries, and any legal restrictions associated with it.
  2. Efficient Land Management: The cadastre system and the unique identifier enable authorities to efficiently manage and monitor land use, ensuring proper urban planning, infrastructure development, and protection of valuable resources.
  3. Transparency and Fairness: The use of a standardized system eliminates ambiguity and promotes transparency in property transactions, reducing the chances of fraud or disputes.
  4. Confidence in Property Ownership: The identifier provides property owners with a sense of security and confidence in their ownership rights as it acts as an official record of their property.


e-cadastre.ru/13:02:0101003:91 is a unique identifier for a particular property within the e-cadastre system. Through this identifier, individuals can access accurate and detailed information about the property, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and fairness in land management and property transactions.

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