Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru is a website dedicated to providing comprehensive information on land cadastre in Russia. One of the notable cadastre numbers available on the site is "12:17:0103003:14".

What is Cadastre?

Cadastre refers to an official register or survey of real estate, including land, properties, and related rights. It serves as a vital tool for land management and property ownership verification. The cadastre number "12:17:0103003:14" specifically identifies a particular parcel of land within a defined territory.

Understanding the Cadastre Number

The cadastre number "12:17:0103003:14" is structured based on a certain coding system. Each element of the number provides specific information about the land parcel:

  1. 12: This element represents the code of the subject Russian Federation constituent entity. In this case, "12" refers to the Saratov region.
  2. 17: This element signifies the administrative and territorial unit within the constituent entity. It corresponds to the Volsk district of the Saratov region.
  3. 0103003: This element categorizes the land according to its purpose and type. It could refer to agricultural, residential, or commercial land, among others.
  4. 14: This final element serves as a unique identifier for a particular land parcel within the specified administrative unit.

By deciphering the cadastre number, interested parties can access important details about the land, such as its location, area, purpose, and restrictions.

e-cadastre.ru and its Significance

E-cadastre.ru is an online platform designed to enable easy access to land cadastre information. It allows users to search for cadastre numbers like "12:17:0103003:14" and obtain detailed reports.

By using the platform, potential land buyers can gain insights into the land's ownership history, legal status, and any encumbrances associated with it. This information is crucial for making informed decisions about land transactions, as it ensures transparency and helps mitigate risks.

The convenience and accuracy provided by e-cadastre.ru make it an invaluable resource for individuals, real estate professionals, and businesses involved in land-related activities. It helps streamline processes, saves time, and minimizes the possibility of fraudulent transactions or disputes.


The cadastre number "12:17:0103003:14" represents a specific land parcel within the Volsk district of the Saratov region in Russia. It is accessible through e-cadastre.ru, a user-friendly online platform that provides detailed information about land cadastre in the country.

Utilizing e-cadastre.ru can significantly benefit individuals and organizations involved in land-related activities, offering transparency, convenience, and efficiency. Whether one is considering purchasing, developing, or researching land, this platform is an essential tool for navigating the complexities of the Russian cadastre system.