Электронный Кадастр



E-cadastre.ru/11:18:0603002:52 is a unique identifier used in Russia's digital land cadastral system. This identifier consists of several numbers separated by colons, each representing a specific piece of information. In this article, we will explore what each number means and how it contributes to the overall identification of a land plot.

Breakdown of the Identifier

The first two numbers (11:18) denote the region in which the land plot can be found. In this case, it refers to the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. The next number (0603002) identifies the specific municipality within the region. This number is unique to each municipality and helps to narrow down the location further.

The final two numbers (52) represent the specific land plot within the municipality. This number is assigned by the local cadastral authority and ensures that each piece of land has a unique identifier within the system.

Importance of Identifiers in Land Cadastre

The use of unique identifiers in land cadastre systems like e-cadastre.ru/11:18:0603002:52 is essential for proper management and governance of land resources. These identifiers help to ensure that each land plot is accurately identified and can be tracked throughout its entire lifecycle, from ownership changes to land use changes and more.

Without proper identification through unique identifiers like e-cadastre.ru/11:18:0603002:52, it can be challenging to manage and regulate land resources effectively. This can lead to issues such as illegal land use and ownership disputes, which can ultimately hurt the economy and communities that depend on the land.


In conclusion, e-cadastre.ru/11:18:0603002:52 is an important identifier used in Russia's digital land cadastral system. It provides valuable information on the location and ownership of a specific land plot, helping to ensure proper regulation and management of land resources. By understanding the breakdown of this identifier, we can begin to appreciate the value of unique identifiers in land cadastre systems.