Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/11:18:0601001:5 is a unique identification code that refers to a specific piece of land. This code is used in the Russian Federation to keep track of all land parcels and real estate properties. E-cadastre.ru/11:18:0601001:5 is constructed using a specific set of rules and regulations that govern the process of land registration.


The purpose of E-cadastre.ru/11:18:0601001:5 is to ensure efficient and effective land management in the Russian Federation. The code serves as a unique identification number that helps government authorities, property owners, and other interested parties to easily locate and identify a particular piece of land. This system provides a reliable way to register land parcels, monitor their use, and manage disputes that may arise.


E-cadastre.ru/11:18:0601001:5 is constructed using a specific set of rules and conventions. The code is made up of several elements which include:


E-cadastre.ru/11:18:0601001:5 is used in various ways. For instance, it is used by property owners to register their land, transfer ownership, and obtain permits for land use. The code is also used by public agencies to monitor land use and ensure compliance with land regulations. Additionally, it is used by surveyors and other professionals to locate and identify land parcels.


E-cadastre.ru/11:18:0601001:5 is a crucial part of the land registration system in the Russian Federation. It helps to ensure efficient and effective land management, which is critical for sustainable development and economic growth. By providing a unique identification code for each piece of land, the system helps to reduce confusion and disputes, making land management a more straightforward process for all concerned parties.