Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/09:03:0020109:7 is a website that provides information about a specific cadastral number for a property. In this article, we will discuss what cadastral numbers are, how they are used, and what information can be found on e-cadastre.ru/09:03:0020109:7.

What are cadastral numbers?

Cadastral numbers are unique identification numbers that are assigned to every parcel of land in Russia. They are used to keep track of ownership, location, and size of each piece of land. When a property is divided or merged with another property, a new cadastral number is assigned.

How are cadastral numbers used?

Cadastral numbers are widely used in Russia for land registration, taxation, and urban planning. They help to ensure that all properties are properly identified and public records are accurate. In addition, cadastral numbers are used by surveyors and land management specialists to create maps, zoning plans, and environmental impact studies.

What information can be found on e-cadastre.ru/09:03:0020109:7?

E-cadastre.ru/09:03:0020109:7 provides information about a specific parcel of land with the cadastral number 09:03:0020109:7. This website offers information about the size, location, boundaries, and current owner of the property. In addition, it provides information about any existing liens, mortgages, or other encumbrances on the property.


In Russia, cadastral numbers are an important part of the land registration and property management system. They are used to track ownership, location, and size of parcels of land. E-cadastre.ru/09:03:0020109:7 is a valuable resource for anyone who needs information about a specific property in Russia. It provides a wide range of information about the property, including its current owner, any encumbrances, and its exact location and size.