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E-cadastre.ru/06:05:0100005:16 is a website that provides access to valuable information about a specific cadastral object. The cadastral object in question has a unique identifier of 06:05:0100005:16.

What is a Cadastral Object?

To understand the significance of e-cadastre.ru/06:05:0100005:16, it's important to grasp the concept of a cadastral object. A cadastral object refers to a distinct piece of land or real estate that has been surveyed, analyzed, and documented by the government or a relevant authority. This information is administered in a cadastral system, which aims to maintain accurate records of land ownership and property rights.

e-cadastre.ru/06:05:0100005:16's Purpose

The website e-cadastre.ru/06:05:0100005:16 serves as a platform for users to access specific details about the cadastral object with the mentioned identifier. These details may include but are not limited to:

  1. Geographic location: The website provides information regarding the object's coordinates, such as latitude and longitude. This detail is especially useful for those interested in land surveying, development, or real estate transactions.

  2. Boundaries and area: The cadastral object's boundaries are accurately outlined and defined on e-cadastre.ru/06:05:0100005:16, allowing users to understand the exact area it encompasses. This information is essential for legal purposes, especially during property transactions or boundary disputes.

  3. Ownership information: Accessing e-cadastre.ru/06:05:0100005:16 enables users to discover the current owner(s) of the cadastral object. This data is vital for individuals or businesses looking to purchase or sell land, as it verifies the legal entities responsible for the property.

  4. Legal restrictions and permissions: The website may contain information about any legal restrictions or permissions associated with the cadastral object. These details can include zoning regulations, building codes, or environmental restrictions that must be considered when planning construction or development projects.

Benefits of e-cadastre.ru/06:05:0100005:16

By utilizing e-cadastre.ru/06:05:0100005:16, users can benefit in various ways:

  1. Property evaluation: Individuals interested in purchasing or selling land can rely on the website to obtain accurate data about the cadastral object. This information helps assess the property's value based on its geographic location, size, and any legal restrictions affecting it.

  2. Ensuring legal compliance: Professionals involved in land development, urban planning, or real estate transactions can use e-cadastre.ru/06:05:0100005:16 to ensure compliance with legal regulations and permissions associated with the cadastral object. This avoids complications or legal issues that may arise due to non-compliance.

  3. Transparency and information availability: e-cadastre.ru/06:05:0100005:16 promotes transparency by making cadastral data accessible to the public. This demonstrates government accountability and empowers individuals with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about land-related matters.


In summary, e-cadastre.ru/06:05:0100005:16 is a valuable resource for individuals and professionals seeking specific information about a cadastral object. By providing details on location, boundaries, ownership, and legal aspects, the website contributes to informed decision-making in various land-related activities. Transparency and accessibility of cadastral data ensure compliance and promote fair practices in property-related dealings.

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