Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/05:47:010009:109 is a unique identifier used in Russia's digital cadastre system. The system allows for the management and tracking of different types of properties and land parcels across the country.

Understanding E-cadastre.ru/05:47:010009:109

Each digit in E-cadastre.ru/05:47:010009:109 has a specific meaning. The first two digits refer to the region where the property is located. In this case, "05" represents the Kirov region. The next two digits indicate the district, "47" refers to the Sovetsky district. The following eight digits represent the cadastral number, which identifies the specific parcel of land or property. The last three digits represent the object number.

Usage and Importance of E-cadastre.ru/05:47:010009:109

E-cadastre.ru/05:47:010009:109 is a crucial tool for property owners and land administrators in Russia. It provides a comprehensive and reliable record-keeping system that helps avoid disputes over land ownership and boundaries. E-cadastre.ru/05:47:010009:109 also helps the government to manage land resources and monitor land use across different regions.


In summary, E-cadastre.ru/05:47:010009:109 is an essential tool for land management and property ownership in Russia. It allows for efficient tracking and monitoring of land parcels and helps to avoid disputes over land ownership. Russia's digital cadastre system is an excellent example of how technology can be applied to improve land management and resource allocation.