Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/05:10:000015:716 is a unique identifier for a specific property in Russia. This identifier is used by the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr) to keep track of ownership of property and maintain accurate land records in the country.

What is e-cadastre.ru?

E-cadastre.ru is an online platform launched by Rosreestr to provide easy and convenient access to various land-related services and information. It allows individuals and organizations to search for information on land plots, register property ownership, and obtain various certificates and documents related to land issues.

Understanding the e-cadastre.ru/05:10:000015:716 identifier

The e-cadastre.ru/05:10:000015:716 identifier is divided into four parts, each separated by a colon. Let's break down each part to understand what it represents:

Why is e-cadastre.ru/05:10:000015:716 important?

The e-cadastre.ru/05:10:000015:716 identifier is important as it helps in maintaining accurate land records, preventing fraud, and ensuring that the right people own the right properties. It also helps individuals and organizations to easily obtain information on land plots, register property ownership, and resolve any land-related disputes.


Overall, e-cadastre.ru/05:10:000015:716 is a unique identifier used by Rosreestr to keep track of property ownership and maintain accurate land records in Russia. It is an important tool for individuals and organizations looking to buy, sell, or otherwise deal with land plots in the country. By understanding this identifier, individuals and organizations can better navigate the land-related services and information offered by e-cadastre.ru.