Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/05:07:000034 is a website that provides access to the cadastral data of a particular land plot in Russia. This land plot is identified by the cadastral number 05:07:000034.

Understanding Cadastral Data

Cadastral data refers to information about land ownership and property boundaries. In Russia, cadastral data is managed by the Federal Service of State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr). This agency maintains a database of cadastral information for every land plot in the country.

The cadastral number, such as 05:07:000034, is a unique identifier for a particular land plot. It consists of three parts:

Using E-cadastre.ru/05:07:000034

E-cadastre.ru/05:07:000034 allows users to view the cadastral map of the land plot and obtain information about its owner, boundaries, area, permitted use, and legal status. Users can also request a copy of the cadastral passport, which is an official document that summarizes all the information about the land plot.

To use the website, users need to enter the cadastral number in the search box and select the appropriate region and local government unit. The search results will display the cadastral map, as well as options to view the cadastral extract and apply for the cadastral passport.


E-cadastre.ru/05:07:000034 is a useful tool for anyone who needs to obtain information about a particular land plot in Russia. By using the cadastral number, users can access comprehensive data about the land plot's ownership and boundaries. This information can be valuable for real estate transactions, construction projects, land surveys, and legal disputes.