Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/04:11:010109:6 is a digital database that provides information about real estate properties in Russia. It contains detailed information about cadastral number 04:11:010109:6, which belongs to a specific piece of land in Russia.

Purpose of e-cadastre.ru/04:11:010109:6

The main purpose of e-cadastre.ru/04:11:010109:6 is to provide reliable information about a specific piece of land. This information is useful for various purposes such as real estate transactions, legal disputes, town planning and environmental management.

Features of e-cadastre.ru/04:11:010109:6

The e-cadastre.ru/04:11:010109:6 features include:

Benefits of e-cadastre.ru/04:11:010109:6

Some of the benefits of using e-cadastre.ru/04:11:010109:6 include:


E-cadastre.ru/04:11:010109:6 is a useful tool for anyone involved in real estate transactions, town planning, legal disputes, or environmental management. It provides reliable and detailed information about a specific piece of land, making it easier to make informed decisions. Accessing the information through the online database is faster, more convenient and transparent.