Электронный Кадастр


E-Cadastre.ru/04:01:010211:69 is a unique property identification code assigned by the Russian government to a specific piece of land. This code contains important details about the land, such as its location, size, and legal status. It is commonly used by individuals and businesses in Russia to determine the ownership and use rights of a particular land parcel.

What is E-Cadastre.ru/04:01:010211:69?

E-Cadastre.ru/04:01:010211:69 is a combination of letters and numbers that uniquely identifies a specific land parcel in Russia. The code is used by the Russian Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography (Rosreestr) to maintain a registry of all land parcels in the country. This helps ensure the accuracy and reliability of land ownership records, as well as provides a means for resolving disputes over land use and ownership.

How is E-Cadastre.ru/04:01:010211:69 used?

Individuals and businesses in Russia use the E-Cadastre.ru/04:01:010211:69 code to research and verify details about a particular land parcel. This can help them determine the ownership and use rights of the land, as well as any restrictions or limitations that may apply. It is also used by government agencies and legal professionals in resolving land disputes and other legal matters related to land ownership and use.

Understanding the E-Cadastre.ru/04:01:010211:69 code

The E-Cadastre.ru/04:01:010211:69 code contains several pieces of information about the land parcel it identifies. The first two letters (04) refer to the region of Russia where the land is located. The next two numbers (01) indicate the administrative district within that region, while the next four numbers (010211) represent the cadastral district or territory within the administrative district. The final two numbers (69) depict a specific land parcel within the cadastral territory.


The E-Cadastre.ru/04:01:010211:69 code is an important tool for identifying and verifying land parcels in Russia. It provides a standardized way of documenting and maintaining land ownership and use records, which helps promote transparency and fairness in land-related transactions and disputes. For individuals and businesses involved in buying, selling, or using land in Russia, understanding this code is essential for ensuring legal compliance and protecting their interests.