Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/03:24:010109:10 is a website dedicated to providing reliable and up-to-date information about land and property ownership in Russia. This online platform plays a crucial role in facilitating the administration and management of cadastre data, making it easily accessible to the public.

What is E-cadastre.ru/03:24:010109:10?

E-cadastre.ru/03:24:010109:10 is an electronic cadastre system that allows users to search for specific land parcels by their unique identification numbers. This identification number, known as cadastral number, provides a complete description of the land, including information about its location, boundaries, area, and legal status.

The website serves as a comprehensive repository of cadastral data, making it an invaluable resource for individuals, businesses, and government agencies involved in land-related activities. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, allowing users to navigate through the system effortlessly and access the information they need efficiently.

Features and Benefits

E-cadastre.ru/03:24:010109:10 offers numerous features and benefits that make it an essential tool for anyone involved in land management and ownership. Some of its key features include:

1. Cadastral Information Search:

Users can search for specific land or property information by entering the cadastral number. The system provides detailed information about the land, including its location, boundaries, area, and legal status. This feature saves users time and effort by eliminating the need to visit multiple government agencies to obtain such data.

2. Interactive Maps:

The website integrates interactive maps that allow users to visually explore land parcels and their surroundings. This feature provides a more intuitive understanding of the land's location and helps users better assess its value and potential for development.

3. Document Access:

Registered users have the privilege of accessing various documents related to land ownership and transactions. These documents may include cadastral extracts, technical plans, ownership certificates, and historical data. Having easy access to these documents can be incredibly useful when conducting due diligence or legal research.

4. User-Friendly Interface:

E-cadastre.ru/03:24:010109:10 features a user-friendly interface that ensures smooth navigation and efficient retrieval of information. The website has been designed to cater to users of all levels of technical proficiency, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals and organizations.

How to Use E-cadastre.ru/03:24:010109:10?

Using E-cadastre.ru/03:24:010109:10 is straightforward. Start by visiting the website and registering for an account if you haven't already. Once logged in, enter the cadastral number of the land or property you wish to gather information about in the search bar. The system will then display all relevant data associated with that parcel.

For those who prefer visual exploration, the interactive map feature allows users to zoom in and out, view land boundaries, and access additional information on specific parcels by clicking on them.


E-cadastre.ru/03:24:010109:10 is a valuable online platform that simplifies the process of accessing and managing cadastre data in Russia. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive search capabilities, and document access feature make it an indispensable tool for anyone involved in land ownership, real estate development, or legal research. By providing accurate and up-to-date information, E-cadastre.ru/03:24:010109:10 contributes to more transparent and efficient land management practices in the country.