Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre is an online platform that provides access to the cadastral information of various real estate properties in Russia. One such property is identified by the number 03:09:240141:2.

What is E-cadastre?

E-cadastre is an initiative launched by the Russian government to facilitate the management and transparent access to cadastral data. It provides online services related to land and real estate properties. The platform allows users to search for and obtain information about the legal, technical, and other relevant details of a specific property.

Overview of 03:09:240141:2

The cadastral number 03:09:240141:2 identifies a specific property in the E-cadastre database. This property has undergone the cadastral registration process, which involves determining and documenting its boundaries, type, permitted use, and other essential information. By accessing the information related to 03:09:240141:2, users can obtain a comprehensive understanding of the property and its legal status.

Importance of Cadastral Information

Cadastral information plays a crucial role in several real estate-related activities. It is often required for land transactions, property development projects, land-use planning, and property tax assessment. Access to accurate and up-to-date cadastral data is essential for making informed decisions and ensuring legal compliance.

Accessing 03:09:240141:2 on E-cadastre

To access the information related to the property with cadastral number 03:09:240141:2 on E-cadastre, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of E-cadastre: e-cadastre.ru.
  2. Navigate to the search section or enter the cadastral number 03:09:240141:2 directly in the search bar.
  3. Click on the search button.
  4. The platform will display the available information related to the property, including its boundaries, area, permitted use, and other relevant details.


E-cadastre provides an efficient and transparent way to access cadastral information for properties in Russia. By utilizing the platform, users can easily obtain comprehensive details about specific properties, such as the one identified by the cadastral number 03:09:240141:2. Access to accurate and up-to-date cadastral data is crucial for various real estate activities and ensures informed decision-making.