Электронный Кадастр


E-CADASTRE.RU/02:67:010111 is a digital cadastre that contains information on a specific piece of land in Russia. This cadastre is a valuable resource for real estate developers, investors, and others who are interested in land ownership rights, property boundaries, and other related information.

What is E-CADASTRE.RU/02:67:010111?

E-CADASTRE.RU/02:67:010111 is a digital database that contains information about a specific piece of land in Russia. This land is identified by a unique code: 02:67:010111. The cadastre contains information such as land ownership rights, property boundaries, zoning regulations, and tax information.

Why is E-CADASTRE.RU/02:67:010111 important?

E-CADASTRE.RU/02:67:010111 is important for several reasons. First, it provides a detailed and accurate record of land ownership rights, which can help prevent disputes or legal issues related to property ownership. Second, it provides information on property boundaries, which can be useful for developers or investors who want to purchase or develop land in the area. Finally, it provides important information on zoning regulations and tax requirements, which can impact development plans and financial considerations.

How to Access E-CADASTRE.RU/02:67:010111

E-CADASTRE.RU/02:67:010111 can be accessed online through the e-cadastre.ru website. Users can search for specific land parcels by entering the unique code (02:67:010111) or by using other search criteria, such as geographic location or property owner's name. Once a parcel of land has been identified, users can access a wide range of information, including digital maps, property ownership records, property boundaries, and tax information.


E-CADASTRE.RU/02:67:010111 is a valuable resource for anyone involved in real estate development or investment in Russia. This online digital cadastre provides detailed and accurate information about land ownership rights, property boundaries, and zoning regulations, making it an essential tool for making informed decisions related to property development and investment.