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e-cadastre.ru/02:24:030601:11 is a unique identifier that represents a specific cadastre record or parcel of land in the e-cadastre system. This article will discuss the significance of this identifier and how it is used in land administration.

What is e-cadastre.ru/02:24:030601:11?

The e-cadastre.ru/02:24:030601:11 identifier is used in the e-cadastre system, which is an online platform for maintaining and managing land cadastre records. The cadastre record consists of detailed information about a specific parcel of land, such as its location, area, boundaries, owners, and any existing rights or restrictions.

The e-cadastre.ru/02:24:030601:11 identifier is composed of a series of numbers separated by colons. Each number has its own meaning and gives specific information about the corresponding land parcel. For example, in e-cadastre.ru/02:24:030601:11, "02" represents the region or administrative unit, "24" represents the district, "030601" represents the cadastral zone, and "11" represents the individual parcel within that zone.

Importance of e-cadastre.ru/02:24:030601:11

The e-cadastre.ru/02:24:030601:11 identifier plays a crucial role in land administration and management. It ensures the uniqueness and traceability of each land parcel, making it easier to maintain accurate records and prevent any potential disputes or fraud. With the help of this identifier, landowners, government agencies, and other stakeholders can easily access specific information about a particular parcel of land.

The e-cadastre system has revolutionized the way land administration is carried out. Within this system, e-cadastre.ru/02:24:030601:11 serves as a key reference point for accessing detailed information about a land parcel. This includes the history of ownership, any existing legal restrictions, and the status of the land.

Using e-cadastre.ru/02:24:030601:11

To access information related to e-cadastre.ru/02:24:030601:11, users can simply enter the identifier into the search function of the e-cadastre system. This will provide them with a comprehensive overview of the land parcel, including detailed maps and relevant documents.

Moreover, the e-cadastre system allows users to update information related to the land parcel, such as changes in ownership or boundaries. This helps maintain accurate and up-to-date records, ensuring transparency and efficiency in land administration.


In conclusion, e-cadastre.ru/02:24:030601:11 is a unique identifier used in the e-cadastre system to represent a specific parcel of land. It plays a vital role in land administration by ensuring the uniqueness and traceability of each land parcel, preventing disputes, and providing easy access to detailed information. The e-cadastre system, with the help of this identifier, has revolutionized the way land administration is conducted, making it more efficient, transparent, and reliable.

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