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What is e-cadastre.ru/02:10:010301:13?

E-cadastre.ru/02:10:010301:13 is a website that provides information about real estates in Russia. It provides details about cadastral numbers, property owners, and land characteristics. This website serves as a reliable source of information for those who are interested in buying or selling a property or for those who simply want to know more about a property's features.

What is a Cadastral Number?

A cadastral number is a unique identifier assigned to a piece of land in Russia. It is used to keep track of land and property ownership and helps in recording changes made to a property over time. Each cadastral number consists of 13 digits and represents specific location information about the property.

How to Use e-cadastre.ru/02:10:010301:13

Using e-cadastre.ru/02:10:010301:13 is simple. All you have to do is enter the cadastral number of the property you are interested in, and the website will provide you with comprehensive information about it. This information includes the address of the property, its size, and the names of its owners.

Why Use e-cadastre.ru/02:10:010301:13?

There are several benefits to using e-cadastre.ru/02:10:010301:13. Firstly, it provides accurate and reliable information about a property. Secondly, it enables you to get information about a property without having to leave your home. It is a great time-saving tool for those who are looking for property information. Lastly, it is a free service, making it accessible to anyone who needs it.


E-cadastre.ru/02:10:010301:13 is a useful tool for anyone interested in buying, selling or simply knowing more about a property in Russia. Its simple and user-friendly interface makes it a great resource for anyone who needs property information. With its accurate and reliable data, e-cadastre.ru/02:10:010301:13 has become a go-to website for landowners and prospective buyers alike.