Электронный Кадастр


E-cadastre.ru/02:04:010121 is a website that provides users with access to information on cadastral measurements, boundaries, and other relevant data concerning land ownership. The site serves as a reliable source of information for landowners, surveyors, and other professionals who need to access land measurement data.

Features of the website

1. Access to cadastral maps

One of the most significant features of this website is its access to cadastral maps. These maps are helpful in providing users with an accurate representation of the boundaries of different lands. Cadastral maps also provide users with the exact measurements of each plot of land. This helps in identifying if there have been any discrepancies or encroachment on the land.

2. Query search

E-cadastre.ru/02:04:010121 allows users to conduct a query search of the database. This search function makes it easy and quick for users to find land maps, survey plans, or related cadastral information. The site's advanced algorithms ensure that the search results are accurate and comprehensive.

3. Full integration with other mapping tools

Another great feature of e-cadastre.ru/02:04:010121 is its ability to integrate with other mapping tools. This integration allows users to overlay cadastral maps with topographic maps, soil type maps, and other related data. This makes for a more accurate and potent tool when making land decisions.

4. Reliable data

The information on e-cadastre.ru/02:04:010121 is accurate and up to date. It is sourced from reliable government and private sector entities. This makes the site a trusted source of information for land surveyors, real estate professionals, and government officials.


E-cadastre.ru/02:04:010121 is a valuable resource for anyone interested in land ownership. The platform provides an extensive and reliable source of cadastral information. Its features are easy to use, and the data is accurate and up to date. We recommend it to anyone needing to access cadastral maps, land survey plans, or other related information.